How to Rent a Moon Bounce, a Bounce House, Moonwalks, Bouncers or
Jumping Castles in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe in Arizona

How do I place an order?

You may place an order by contacting us by email, by filling out our Online Reservation Form,
or calling us at (602) 481-5867

How much does it cost?

Pricing fluctuates based on a number of factors... email us with your event date, the unit or units you would like to rent, advise us if it is at a park, include the event's address, city, zip code, and your contact phone number or call us at (602) 481-5867
Prices quoted by Jump Around will always be all inclusive.

Methods of payment?

We accept checks, money orders, cashier checks, cash or credit cards. Potential Fees:
A 4% credit card transaction handling fee applies when using plastic and there will be a $30.00 NSF fee for any returned check charrged to the credit card on file.

What is your Deposit policy ?

We requier a 50% Deposit on all orders above $200.00 (big toys and multiple item rentals). Your deposit is applied towards your rental dues. The remaining balance is due upon delivery the day of the event. The Deposit is fully refundable if the event is canceled 14 business days prior to delivery or if there is an "act of God" the day of. Or, you can keep your deposit as a credit applicable towards another date.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Our Policy is simple, if you cancel your event at least 14 business days (2 weeks) prior to the reservation date your deposit will be fully refunded or can be applied to another date. I

What is your Weather Policy?

Weather cancellations can only be decided upon the day of the rental due to the ever-changing nature of weather forecasts. If the local weather is calling for rain or winds of 25 mph or more on that day, both you and Jump Around Family Entertainment, Inc. can agree BEFORE delivery, that it will be unsafe to use the bouncer and the event should be cancelled. In which case your deposit will be refunded or applied to another day . Please be advised that if your "rain check" date falls on a day that we are 100% booked and we are not be able to accommodate you, then your deposit will be fully refunded.



If the bouncer gets wet, everyone should exit and the blower and generator should be turned off and everthing unplugged. A wet bouncer becomes very slippery and dangerous. Once the rain stops, you can quickly towl-dry the bounce house for safe usage and start bouncing again.

What areas do you service?

We serve the entire Phoenix metropolitan area, depending on available time. However, all areas beyond a 20 mile radius from Gilbert are subject to a travel fee. The first 40 miles are free (round trip) then $1.50 per extra mile will be calculated and added to your bill. You will always be quoted before hand. Call or e-mail us to find out if you are in a free set up and delivery zone.

How much room do I need?

Most bounce houses are 15'x 15', and require a relatively flat area with a minimum of 17'x 17' to set up in. The area should be free of debris, away from low power lines, trees, sharp objects such as thorn bushes and tree stumps ALL ANIMAL DROPPINGS SHOULD BE PICKED UP. Most units are 16' - 17' high. The Slides, Slip N' Slide, Obstacle Courses or other Big toys are at least 30 feet long and could be higher and require an open area up to 20 'x 80'. WE DO NOT SET UP ON DIRT OR ROCKS

Do I need electricity?

We need electricity to power the blowers or concession machines. We will bring a 50 or 100 foot extension cord with us, so you'll need an outlet near the set up area. If you do not have electricity, we can provide you with a generator for an extra fee of $65.00. NOTE: All blowers and wiring are safety checked before leaving the warehouse.

Can adults bounce too?

Our bouncers are made out of the strongest 18oz vinyl in the industry. They could easily accommodate adults but we do not encourage adults to bounce. The kid in all of us sometimes isn't fit enough for these activities.

Are the inflatables cleaned?

Yes. All units are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each use. We are committed to making sure that your children have a clean, sanitized, and safe environment in which to play. In addition to cleaning, we also safety check and troubleshoot all equipment before it goes out to another client. This way, you are always guaranteed a unit that is safe, clean and in good working condition.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured. Our equipment is insured for home parties as well as for public events. Due to this fact, events at parks, schools, churches (or anywhere the general public can access the rides, basicallly all non-residential events) are subject to slightly higher prices. Our insurance only covers our equipment. If you are planning an event open to the general public you need to carry seperate insurance for the event itself. Because of Liability issues we do not setup with other Inflatable Vendors.

When do you setup and pickup?

We setup the bouncer BEFORE your event is scheduled to begin. You do not pay for setup or pick up time. We will setup the bouncer at least 30-15 minutes prior to your event. For parks, we run a tighter schedule. If you need to make special arrangements for delivery / pickup, just let us know ahead of time, we will be glad to work around your schedule.

How far in advance do I need to make a Reservation?

We suggest 2-3 weeks before your scheduled party date. Sometimes, we have inventory available for last minute bookings, but don't be too picky...It is better to place your order as soon as your date is secured. All units are booked on a first come first served basis.

Do you deliver on Holidays?

Yes, we deliver on most Holidays. However, prices are subject to "Holiday Rates" no matter the day of the week.

Is it cheaper if we pickup the inflatable ourselves?

No. In fact, we do not allow for this. Our drivers are trained as professional installers and are certified to be the exclusive installer of the equipment. When the safety of your children is at stake, it is always best to leave it up to the professionals! In addition to this, our insurance does not allow for this as it does not allow unauthorized set up or moving of our equipment.

How do I know that you'll show up?

Jump Around Family Entertainment, Inc. is a reputable company. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are dedicated to becoming the best party and event planners in the Valley. On our About Us page you can see a few of many references we are proud of. In addition, we will call you to confirm you reservation the day before your event. We look forward to servicing your party needs now and in the future.

Can you setup in Parks?

Because we are fully insured we work with all parks. Prior to booking with us, you must seek authorization with the Parks and Recreation Department of that City. If we are not registered with that City, we might have to provide them with proof of insurance. This service is complimentary, however, you will need to contact us before since this process can take up to 7 days.

City of mesa Parks and Recreation

480 644-4271

City of Chandler Parks and Recreation

480 782 -2727

Town of Gilbert Parks and Recreation

480 503-6200

City of Tempe Parks and Recreation

480 350-5200

City of Scottsdale Parks and Recreation

480 312-7707

Be sure the park has electricity. If not, you'll need to rent a generator. We have generators for rent for an additional charge or you can use your own.

Home Parties

The bouncer can be set up on grass, cement, concrete, or asphalt. We do not setup on dirt, sand, or rocks.We cannot set up where animal feces are present. Make sure that the surface is relatively flat. Slightly sloped driveways are not a problem. In fact, our bounce houses usually fit perfectly onto a 2 car driveway.
You must have at least 1 foot of extra space around the perimeter of the bouncer. The entrance side of the bouncer should be facing an open area. The unit must be setup within 100 feet of an electrical outlet. We don't encourage setups near swimming pools; adult supervision must be EXTRA attentive if we do.

Jump Around Family Entertainment, Inc.

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Phone: (602) 481-5867

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